RENEB/EURADOS Field Exercise 2019: Robust Dose Estimation under outdoor Conditions based on the Dicentric Chromosome Assay

RPL GD reference vs DCA dose estimates.


Depending on the exposure scenario, different biological and/or physical assays will be required to recover the exposure situation and to obtain reliable dose estimates to aid medical decision making. Inter-laboratory comparisons (ILCs) are a central tool to validate and improve the performance of methods and laboratories. In most cases such ILCs are performed under laboratory conditions where the influence of parameters contributing to uncertainties can be minimized. In a real-life scenario, the situation is much more complicated, and it is therefore crucial to validate methods and laboratories’ abilities to carry out these methods under more realistic conditions. In 2019, EURADOS (The European Radiation Dosimetry Group) Working Group 10 (Retrospective Dosimetry) and RENEB (Running the European Network of Biological and retrospective Physical dosimetry) organized a field exercise in Lund, Sweden, to validate different methods for biological and physical retrospective dosimetry in parallel by simulating real-life exposure scenarios.

International Journal of Radiation Biology, 97(9), 1181-1198
Alfredo Hernández
Alfredo Hernández
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