Paper Extra Icons

Made with Inkscape LGPL 3 License

Custom icons for Paper Icon Theme of the Paper Project made by Sam Hewitt.

Paper is a free culture icon theme by Sam Hewitt and is licenced under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, unless otherwise specified.

Downloading the original Icon Theme

The original source for Paper Icon Theme can be found here. You can clone the latest version from the git repository:

git clone

Using the Source

There are scripts to simplify the rendering process; to run them (and edit icons) you will need:

  • inkscape
  • python3
  • gtk-engine-murrine (optional)

To render new icons from their source SVG files, run the following:


If it’s throwing an error, the script may not be executable, try:

chmod +x

This script will look in the source directory (../src/*) and render the respective icons (provided there are changes).


Simple, you just run the script from the root of the source folder:


Keep in mind that you need to have the original Paper Icon Theme for some symbolic links to work.

Alfredo Hernández
Alfredo Hernández
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I have a passion for technology, maths, and design.