Just bought a dot-grid notebook

Today I was printing some stuff in my favourite copy shop, and I found that they sold really cheap dot-grid notebooks (less than 3 euros), so I bought one without thinking twice.

In the past, as the penny-pinching I am, I have always used either blank sheets of paper, or notebooks given to my dad by pharmaceutical visitors. As you can imagine, the results can be sometimes hilariously hideous (specially the one with the square grid and the annoying vortex in the corner).

Below, a mockup of GNOME Shell in the 3.0 era (with the infamous spiral), and a draft mockup for BleachBit.

Old mockups

Anyway, I hope this notebook will make the process of making mockups easier and more enjoyable now that I’ve decided to start working again on them. I have a few unfinished ones (for fairly complex applications), and I also want to post all my old mockups here. I still need to decide the layout of the posts, though; hopefully it will not take long.

Dot-grid Notebook

If anyone is interested in the pen, it’s a Uni Jetstream Ballpoint Pen, my favourite since I started using them 8 years ago or so.

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