About the Author

Hi there! I’m Alfredo. I am a Physicist finding a path in Data Science. I have a passion for technology, maths, and design. I’ve collaborated on several Open Source projects, especially those related to the Ubuntu Community.

One of the things I really enjoy doing in my daily life is programming. You can find all my projects on my GitHub profile.

Why a blog?

One of the things that made me create this blog is the feedback from the GNOME community about some of my mockups (originally published on DeviantArt) whenever I would publish one on the (now defunct) GNOME Design’s Google+ community. But what really pushed me to do it was Bilal Elmoussaoui’s work on one of my mockups: Audio Cutter.

So my idea is to start publishing my mockups here, either additionally or only here (I still have to decide it).

One of the things I also want to write about here is Linux in general and updates about the book I’m writing about $\LaTeX$: The Alf Way to LaTeX.

Alfredo Hernández
Alfredo Hernández
Physicist and Data Scientist

I have a passion for technology, maths, and design.