Creating environments on Conda

As many, I use Conda for managing my Python environments and packages. On this post I will cover how to create new environments on Conda and how to use them with JupyterLab.

Improve your daily workflow with jumpapp

Most users will always recommend using keyboard shortcuts whenever possible, no matter which system or application you are using. In this post I’m going to touch the process of launching and switching applications.

Running JupyterLab as a desktop application on Linux

One thing that you may find annoying with JupyterLab is the fact that it opens in a tab of your Internet browser, when it should clearly have its own window. This will be a guide on how to make this happen.

Including images with Liquid

Handling URLs and local images easily using Liquid.

How to delay startup applications on GNOME

How to delay startup applications on GNOME

Disabling GRUB graphical theme

Disabling GRUB graphical theme in Antergos.

Custom domains and HTTPS with Github Pages

On this post I will try to explain shortly my (mis)adventures on setting up my own custom domain.

Using Jekyll, Lightbox, and GitHub pages

My journey figuring out how to implement Lightbox in Jekyll.

Just bought a dot-grid notebook

I bought a dot-grid notebook to start working again on mockups again.